What is ART®?

Active Release TechniqueART® is a hands-on, soft tissue technique that utilizes the patient’s movement to eliminate scar tissue or adhesions to quickly and permanently resolve conditions involving muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves.
Adhesions occur due to:

  • acute conditions such as pulls, tears, and collisions
  • the accumulation of small tears (micro-trauma) from repeated injury or overuse
  • not getting enough oxygen (hypoxia) through chronic tension

Each of these factors can cause the body to produce dense scar tissue that creates adhesions between layers of muscle and connective tissue that would otherwise move freely. Adhesions limit muscle or joint movement and can create abnormal or painful motion.

When scar tissue builds up muscles can become shorter and weaker, tension on tendons can cause tendonitis, and nerves can become trapped causing reduced strength and range of motion as well as pain. If a nerve is involved there may also be tingling, numbness, and weakness such as with carpal tunnel syndrome or sciatica.

ART® is also effective for joint conditions. Adhesions can limit the muscle’s ability to lengthen which can alter the biomechanics of the joint. This can lead to decreased mobility of the joint or abnormal motion which, in turn, can cause wear and tear on the joint. Examples include spinal joint conditions, shoulder impingement, and runner’s knee.

Dr. Lee Phillips is the only full body certified provider of Active Release Techniques (ART®) in Mission, BC.

What to Expect

ar-02Dr. Lee Phillips uses his hands to detect and assess restrictions in soft tissues. He applies manual force along the scar tissue or adhesion while guiding the patient’s limb or body part through a specific movement. This process separates and creates tension between the tissues while the contact releases the adhesion.

Each treatment session typically lasts 10-15 minutes and initially may be recommended 1-3 times per week. Patients should wear clothing that allows access to the problem area such as running shorts for a hamstring injury or a tank top for a shoulder injury. Evoke has gowns and shorts available for you to change into if necessary.

Treatments may feel uncomfortable during the movement phases as the adhesions separate. Patients typically say “it hurts in a good way”. Symptoms are often duplicated during treatment and relief is generally noticed during the first or second treatment (a good indication that the problem has been identified).

After an ART® treatment most people feel increased range of motion and/or less pain. It is not uncommon to feel some short-lived tenderness in the area that was treated.

ART® is non-invasive, very safe, with virtually no side effects and a record of producing the desired results. To avoid future injuries Dr. Lee Phillips can prescribe specific exercises, give postural recommendations, and explain the mechanism of injury so that it may be avoided in the future.

ART® can be very effective on its own though it is often combined with other treatments to maximize results. Chiropractic manipulation is often used to contribute to optimal joint function. Massage Therapy is an excellent complement to fully address the soft tissue component. Rehabilitative exercises improve strength and flexibility to complete recovery and prevent recurrences.

For more information please visit www.activerelease.com

  • Common Conditions Treated
    • Headaches
    • Whiplash
    • Neck & back pain
    • Shoulder pain
    • Thoracic outlet syndrome
    • Tendonitis
    • Rotator cuff injuries
    • Impingement syndromes
    • Frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis
    • Tennis & golfer’s elbow
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Hip & leg pain
    • Bursitis
    • Iliotibial band syndrome
    • Sciatica
    • Knee pain
    • Meniscus injuries
    • Shin splints
    • Ankle & foot Pain
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Achilles tendonitis
    • Sprains
    • Repetitive strain injuries
    • Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
    • And many other health conditions.