Dr. Lee Phillips has changed my life! I had suffered with chronic back pain and headaches for 25 years when I went to Evoke out of desperation. I never found complete or lasting relief and my quality of life suffered immensely. I had never tried chiropractic treatment because I suffered from a “soft tissue injury” and didn’t believe a “bone cracker” would benefit me. I was told that Lee practiced a newer type of chiropractic method called “Active Release Technique” and decided to give it a try. Within a few visits my pain was diminishing and with continued treatment I was finally pain free for the first time since my teenage years! I continue to see Lee on a monthly basis and even treat myself to a massage now and then with one of his colleagues. I will never be able to thank Lee enough for giving me back my health and well being! I highly recommend the services of these caring and talented professionals.

Katherine D